Hello and Welcome to Greyfalcon, we know healthcare technologies. Our goal is to accelerate healthcare research by providing engineering solutions to bio-medical problems. We work closely with research institutes to help them in investigating  and understanding latest technologies, applying these as solutions to medical problems, validation and deployment of completed research. We also work closely with Pharma companies and Bio-medical companies by helping them with engineering / reference designs that they can readily take it to production and deployment.

We believe it is now important to make healthcare solutions easy to use, affordable and help people lead a healthier life.

Superior reprocessor technology to make dialyzer reuse safe and more affordable

Greyfalcon's nephrotronTM series of products has made dialyzer reprocessing affordable and thereby increasing the reuse rate of dialyzers. The reprocessing technology designed and developed by Greyfalcon aims at making the overall dialysis process "affordable", "hygienic" and "safe" for both the staff and patients. Since last few years we have been working very closely with staff at dialysis center and nephrologist's to understand the challenges and have come up with range of products to overcome the below mentioned challenges.

  • Impact to Environment : The single use of dialyzer will cause a significant impact to environment as well, the process of making dialyzer and it's fibers isn't very environment friendly and the amount of landfill the single use generates is quite difficult to manage in cities.
  • Cost of Dialyzer : On using new dialyzer for every process, the process cost for patients who will be paying for the dialyzer for each cycle will be more. In other cases where the cost of dialyzer is bared by the Government or an NGO institution it impacts the budget constraints.
  • Risks of Reuse : The fear factor and risks of reusing the dialyzer is growing high due to possibility of contamination of dialyzer and the unhygienic reprocessing process itself are major concerns with nephrologists and patients.
  • Cost and Maintenance : The reprocessors available in market are unaffordable to many, the maintenance cost is high and the suppliers aren't available for the entire warranty period to provide the required service for the reprocessors.

NephrotronTM  has overcome these challenges, the product range has low, mid and high end series of reprocessors to make them affordable. The reuse rate is between 15 to 20 cycles for top 3 brands of dialyzers. The zero contamination rate and superior clean quality with clot removal technology makes the dialyzer risk free and reusable. The reprocessor comes with inbuilt barcode generation and detection to ensure dialyzer isn't exchanged between patients. We have been in business for more than four years and serve PAN India and work with global partners for world wide sales.

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